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028 – Joanie Stahl – Exposing The Darkness. Demons & Deliverance

Episode 028. At the end of A minute To Midnite Show 027, Tony and Joanie began chatting informally. Initially it was not intended to be another broadcast, just a private chat, but the recording devices were still running during the chat. The conversation turned into one of the best and most powerful discussions they have had, and Tony tells Joanie the recording is still running. From there it turns into a great second interview. You don’t want to miss it! It’s powerful…….it deals with Joanie’s occult upbringing, and following on from being set free from demonic bondage, how she began to encounter other people in similar bondage. She recalls accounts of some of these experiences, and explains how to see people delivered and set free from demonic bondage. Chris closes out the show with great word too!


028-Joanie Stahl – Exposing The Darkness. Demons & Deliverance

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