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The Antichrist – Who Is He?


Written By Joanie Stahl.

I would like to begin by saying that the purpose of this article is in regards to the present heightened day awareness of the fact that we are living in the final closing moments of the Church Age. And being so, many are aware of the “times and seasons” Jesus Christ spoke about in the Gospels. The most prolific one being just who the Antichrist is. There are many having dreams and visions and words of knowledge that the Antichrist is indeed Barak Hussein Obama. I have spent many years in research as many do especially in light of this time as the Day of the Lord approaches.

Recently, I took a step back so to speak about the identity of this individual. So many people as I just mentioned, insist that Barack Obama is indeed and has to be the long awaited, “Man of sin.” But after taking a step back and putting all the claims together against the information of the Bible. I regained my position to finally stand in it once and for all.

Regarding Barak Obama as being, the perhaps Antichrist, remember one thing. The Antichrist cannot be a Hamite. The orthodox Jews will not accept a Hamite as their Jewish Messiah.

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