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Episode-07 – Shemitah Urgency: Preparations and Prophecy

Published on Aug 11, 2015

Chris begins with talking about the squeeze on the physical precious metals market. Demand for precious metals has increased significantly in recent weeks despite the manipulation in the paper market with an increasing number of people turning to precious metals as a safe haven.
The dIscussion turns to the likelihood of bank fund confiscations.

The sharing of a prophetic word sent to “A Minute To Midnite” by Janine Smith whose husband had formerly work for an Illuminati run insurance firm in Britain. It’s a powerful End Time prophetic word regarding the return of The Lord and the need for us to prepare NOW!
Tony talks about the projection of an image of Kali the Hindu Goddess of death on the Empire State building.
The closing of the Shemitah on 29 Elul in September looms close. In the last part of the show Chris gets fired up and warns again of what is likely coming in the near future to New Zealand and the world, and gives a passionate discourse on what to do to prepare. Don’t be complacent!

Shemitah Urgency: Preparations and Prophecy

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