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Articles and blog entries pertaining to various aspects of the Christian walk and lifestyle.


The People of The Opinion  “Laodicea”




Adam – Great Accuser of God



A New Perspective into the Laodicean Church



A Christian Perspective of working as a clinical practitioner 




You Are A Jewel Within my Crown



My Master



Fellowship In The Galleries Of  The King



Pride Comes Before A Fall


The False Doctrine of the Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ



Taking Up Our Cross – Dying to Self and Putting Others First



The Great Falling Away – Subtle Or Sudden?



Eternal Love



The War of Flesh Within the Church – What Weapon Are You Fighting With?



A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing



Transparency, An Apology & Going Forward Into 2017



Narcissism and the Demonic, is there a Connection?


Dealing with Incidental Narcissists.



How Should We Deal With Narcissism





The Antidote




What Does The Bible Say About Narcissism


The Lucifer Complex



Ancient Plans In A New Guise



The Toxic Human Plague



Support Crew For A Narcissist



A Visit to the Third Heaven; A Short Story of Overcoming the Spirit of Weariness




Web Of Deceit




What is narcissism?



Considering Deliberate Evil



Prayer and Warfare: Unleashing God’s Mighty Power



The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth



Thoughtlessness versus Deliberate Evil



Thoughtful vs Thoughtless



Forgiveness – An Asperous Look Into the Truth of the Matter



All Heads Bowed and All Eyes Closed: ‘Hidden’ Salvation In the Present Day Church



Prayer, Not Fear – Our Greatest Weapon In The End Times


Casting Your Cares Upon Jesus: Why Are You Still Carrying Them?



Huge Territorial Spirit & The Breaking Of It’s Power


A Shield Of Faith


Heavenly Treasures & A Celestial Gold War



Time Capsule


As End Time Prophecy Unfolds – Is The church Asleep? written by Joanie Stahl


Justifiable To Judge 



The Enemy Of Our Souls – Who Is He & How Does He Get In? – written by Joanie Stahl

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