Framing the final battle

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    Hey guys, I´ve written down some thoughts concerning the importance and role of perception and narration when it comes to the final battle at the end of the age (and the different groups involved, especially on the other side of the fence).

    Feel free to check it out and give it some thought; because of the length I just post it in five parts:

    Framing the final battle
    i) Narrative competence and the power of the will
    ii) Luciferian stalemate-eschatology
    iii) The lesson of the story
    iv) The Remake of an ancient clash
    v) The Deepest Delusion



    i) Narrative competence and the power of the will

    The most important attribute of the members of God´s household, the beings that are or were intended to serve as his intelligent agents and representatives in heaven and on earth, is their free will. The Creator never wanted mindless automatons who had no choice for this kind of job.

    Satan, the former angelic entity who became the original divine rebel, was a murderer from the beginning which means he was a liar from the beginning because we have to talk about character assassination first when the opponents aren´t exactly mortal and thus death was in the power of Satan´s tongue.

    Now how could Satan convince masses of angelic beings to follow him? Only by slandering God. This would have been the prerequisite for any other high-ranking angel to suddenly question “the story of his life”: Was he, the angel in question, really a treasured individual doing an important job for the greater good? At least this was the implied message of this kingdom but was there something he wasn´t told? Come to think of it, why exactly was Jahwe the most high God? His grand vizier Lucifer was apparently the one running the daily business anyway without a proper share in all the glory Jahwe is claiming. Sounds almost petty-minded, doesn´t it? So why exactly was Jahwe always set apart and not an equal among other gods in the divine council? How about one god one vote? Or better, as Satan suggested, to each god his own separated special realm to be creative and to reap the praise of his own creatures? Wouldn´t this New Celestial Order be better and only just and fair to such a talented beautiful entity like you, whispered Satan to the angel and concluded his own unique version of the meaning and purpose of life in the heavens with a smile and a stretched out hand?

    Every fallen angel had to make a conscious choice to accept this alternative narrative instead of running to the Lord and trusting Him to clear up these contradicting stories and confusing rumors floating around in the kingdom. Satan had to be a briliant storyteller. He had to have some awesome acting-skills. In fact, he had to re-enact “the story of his life” for another angel to sympathize and ultimately identify with the character and struggle portrayed. This was the precondition for the synchronization of the many wills of Satan and his angels into one strong will to power.

    Other mighty angels like Michael or Gabriel were surely tempted by the most amazing promises Satan could came up with, that may have seemed attractive on the surface tot hem, but they decided to put their trust in the most high God to know what´s best for everyone including themselves and so they remained in believing loyality and did not sin (God knows that Michael and Gabriel and everybody else that´s not Him are not all-knowing and that it is therefore theoretically possible to surprise them with an overwhelming information or deception but He obviously counted it as righteousness that Michael and Gabriel refused to do or assume anything that went against the will and commandments of God they already knew for sure).

    In fact, this awareness that everyone besides Him is not omniscient and omnipotent is the very reason God wants and feels obliged to be the one and only true sovereign, the most high God above all other gods. It is out of love and care for all his creations. Even the most powerful and moral created being besides Him would eventually come to a non-optimal perception and deliver a non-optimal performance, just because of its limited nature, even without any evil intentions. Given enough time (or eternity), an autonomous universe without a perfect surpreme lifeguard would cause an ever increasing avalanche of mistakes spiraling out of everyone´s sincere and honest control resulting in individual and collective suffering.

    God is good so He does not suffer someone who is not all-knowing and all-powerful to just go ahead and play surpreme deity. With infinite power comes infinite responsibility. This is the truth. And it is a simple and logical truth when you think it through. I can comprehend it and I accept that it is proper that only Jahwe is and should be rightfully the Most High God and not me because I personally can´t handle infinite responsibility. Archangel Michael knows and accepts that he cannot handle infinite responsibility so he praises and serves the One who can. It is proper. And if you grasp that fact you realize that everybody besides Jahwe who is trying to become the most high god of his own creation needs to be stopped by any means necessary. And this is why we fight someone like Lucifer who is not fitting this job description but is violently refusing to accept this and who with great power would in theory and did in praxis only create abominations and abuse smaller beings than him.

    When you come to this realization, it´s undisputable that the alternative narrative of Satan is just an immoral lie and eventually must lead to death. But he´s really good at selling it.

    Perhaps one could define narrative competence as the ability to deliver a coherent presentation guiding the listener to a clear “lesson of the story”. I´d say it´s a neutral term because we ourselves strife to present the finished work of Jesus in an understandable way to a given audience for them to relate to Biblical characters who asked the Lord or his apostles what they had to do to get saved and then successfully received the good news that they just had to believe on Christ. And after this, of course, we should be able to educate and tell born-again believers in a convincing manner why it is the best prayer to pray for the will of the Lord to rule in our life and the cosmos.



    ii) Luciferian stalemate-eschatology

    I find it reasonable to believe that Satan and his angels knew perfectly well that during the rebellion in Heaven they could not achieve a conventional military final victory by killing the Most High God because He is eternal and by definition not able to cease to exist. That was certainly not up to debate among the Fallen Ones.

    But with the same certainty they knew that the Most High God is and will be (by his very own standards) always operating and dealing with his creation in a legal way for he is pro order and order requires rules of engagement for any occasion.
    If Satan would develop a clever strategy that utilized the rules to his advantage and in so doing managed to force his celestial opponent into a stalemate with no further legal move possible, the whole confrontation had to end as a draw according to the judicial system God Himself put in place and swore by Himself to obey.
    So the end goal of the Fallen Ones was always to compel or coerce a legal divorce and a settlement wherein Satan is granted the right to live and rule in his half of the house.

    Satan wants to be like the Most High and to set his throne above the stars as well. Speaking from pure logic, for this plan to technically work out it´s not necessary to get rid of Jahwe or usurp the very throne He is sitting on. Satan´s desire could have been fulfilled if he was to reign over a mirror universe, forming a cosmic break away civilization with his angels in a dissociated part of creation that is going on to run in parallel to Jahwe´s domain.

    This is the eschatology of modern Luciferianism as well: In the end, Jahwe and his angels and believers will live on the one side of the cosmic mountain and the Luciferians themselves will be living with Lucifer and his angels on the other side of the cosmic mountain. To each his own without judgement.

    This is truly a highly deceptive belief, a false “blessed hope”. It encourages and enables the doubtful and worried Luciferians to continue on their path even after they witnessed and were shaken by a supernatural intervention of the unmatched Lord Jesus Christ who may have just easily thwarted some of their magick schemes. This self-deception even encourages and enables them to continue on their path when they think about their own mortality because according to the imaginary peaceful co-existence of the future , in the worst case they and the Luciferians who already died will be prisoners of war for a short while before they will be released from Jahwe´s hell and repatriated to Lucifer´s coming kingdom after the armistice where they will be received in glory. Ultimately this self-deception will encourage them to keep their faith while literally marching to the final battle of Armageddon.

    If any Luciferian is reading this I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ opens your spiritual eyes right now for you to recognize the true destination of your path and that you come to your senses and that you make an inner decision to join us instead right now.



    iii) The lesson of the story

    The Luciferian “lesson of the story” Satan is teling humans is something that is suggested in a subtle and deceptive way. The listener should come to the Luciferian conclusion by his own step-by-step reasoning (or guided level-by-level education), not even realizing that he is merely connecting pre-set points in his mind that were intentionally layed out before him in a certain pattern by the deceiver. The quintessential form of the lesson to be “learnt” is: Do not trust in the promises and proclamations of your initial creator but trust in the plan for your transformation by and the instinct of the divine resistance/freedom fighter.

    “The lesson” never changes from Eden to Armageddon. If you connect the dots of deception in any given false belief system in history you will always end up with the same picture when you look at it from a distance. The life and rise of the Antichrist will just be the greatest public multimedia lecture in history to teach mankind this lesson, and multitudes will eagerly “learn” it after having rejected the path of truth and will regard the path of deception and its arguments to be self-evident, without further need to consult with a higher or the most high power.

    Now we can debate all day long which actors will be involved in this show or on what locations certain scenes will be shot but for once take a step back and look at it from a distance. I think it is highly likely that a deeply narcissistic director like Satan wants the audience to surrender their will to him based on his personal autobiography or an adapted screenplay for the material realm to be more precise.

    So here´s how Luciferianism is essentially trying to frame the break-up of God and Satan: Imagine the picture of a family dinner and the cool and charming teenage son is telling a harmless joke to entertain everyone but suddenly the tyrannical and choleric father is flipping the table and is physically throwing the boy out of the house. It´s basically: Lightbringer versus Despot – the origin story written by Lucifer, the noble and rejected genius and liberator of Angel and Man.

    Different mystery religions and schools of thought tell different metaphorical variations of divine beings falling out with each other, but they are trying to convey the same resentment to their followers. After thousands of years Satan probably fine-tuned all of the components for his magnum opus. It will have all the latest special effects but certainly the same old “lesson of the story”.



    iv) The Remake of an ancient clash

    Now let´s fast forward to the end-times. Satan will have some ‘splaining to do. Why is the world in turmoil and how is this not Satan`s but God´s fault? What lesson should the stupid audience learn out of the death and ressurection of the Antichrist? How could you get everyone enthusiatic to march to Armageddon? Needless to say, at the end of the day it´s speculation but I think we can have an educated guess what the script will probably contain.

    Let´s begin with the Antichrist receiving the deadly headwound. Who thinks this will be portrayed as a workplace accident in the chainsaw-shop? No one. Of course it will be a staged and scripted false-flag event overall but I don´t think he will be merely gunned down by some random mad Christian hillbilly stooge. I think Satan could get far more out of this. I´d suggest that it will be framed in the same Luciferian way I mentioned before, to get the uninitiated masses on board.

    How could this play out? So there will probably be one big festive event in the future, one nice and seemingly relaxed meeting to celebrate or mark the signing of a peace treaty or jubilee thereof. One diplomat after another is proposing a toast to the New Order and the other participants say “hear, hear”. Perhaps at this point in time there will be already openly non-human special guests from other worlds as well, supposedly discussing or welcoming the inclusion and integration of new humanity into the “galactic family”.

    So eventually the dynamic Antichrist, as the shooting star of global or even universal diplomacy, is proposing a toast with a witty remark much to everyone´s enjoyment but there is just one old stiff man without humor, perhaps a representative of a reactionary faction in the cosmos, who doesn´t really seem to fit in this merry evening to begin with and who is enraged. From a dramaturgical standpoint, why not have this ancient one loosing his temper and grabing the ice-pick?

    The world will view the 24/7 media coverage of this event and will be shocked by this vile act of terror cutting down the man who just brought back the united nations from the brink of destruction.

    I´ve already read a my fair share of contemporary UFOlogists with New Age leanings who proclaim that Jahwe, the God of the Old Testament, whom they see as an ill-tempered and brutal manical character and who in their eyes is a demiurg at best but not the true divine impersonal creator force they would call “God”, was in their eyes a rather unpleasent alien being manipulating the Israelites with signs and wonders to further his selfish agenda.

    So is it that hard to imagine that the Antichrist after this ressurection will educate his amazed fans that this one rude and brutal individual who slew him was the interstellar ambassador of Jahwe, the very same dark warlord who tyrannized mankind in the past? Seems like repolished mankind and the jolly Space Brothers just cannot go their own way in peace and get some rest without that old cranky fool constantly raining on their parade, eh?

    But enough is enough (according to the script)! Now this impersonal god of forces had manifested itself in the person of the Antichrist (or so he says), effectively making him the avatar of “God”, to balance out the cosmic karma equation by judging the enemies of light! Now everybody should gather and stand together against the evil invading force approaching earth to bring back the dictatorship of Jahwe. Just one more final battle to secure the possibility of undisturbed enlightend spiritual evolution on our own terms! It´s basically the “Independence Day” speech of the Antichrist and his alien allies – the beast´s call to arms carried around the world by the three unclean spirits that look like frogs. I think this framework will put it all into perspective and make sense for all who dwell on earth that have had already rejected the truth at this point in time.

    Until the arrival, of course all the close-minded or insane followers of Jahwe, the Christians, would need to be treated as the enemy´s fifth column on earth, as enemy combatants on our territory, therefore hunted down and beheaded as soon as possible because the spiritually advanced universe and good mother earth herself were becoming increasingly allergic to their very presence resulting in more and more quakes and volcanos. This would be a neat method to blame the Christians for the consequence of the world´s sin and an explanation why the members of the beast-system harden their hearts and curse the approaching God even more with every new additional natural disaster that in reality will be self-inflicted judgements for their own continuation in the sin of techno-sorcery.

    I suggest that this kind of narrative would be suffiscent to deceive the uninitiated masses as well as all the lower level esoterics and occultists who don´t even realize that their god is Lucifer. They would buy into this storyline and make a decision to surrender their little wills to the great will the Antichrist knows and serves.



    v) The Deepest Delusion

    Since we´re already kinda speculating we might as well think about the real Luciferians who identify as such and who got a grasp that their god is indeed the being the Bible identifies as Satan. They would know that the official party line about an incoming evil alien invasion is bogus and more or less a deception for the lower levels and that their Christ is a created being designed to counter the most high God of the Bible and His annointed.

    So they have probably read the book of Revelation as well and they probably ask themselves (or their fallen angel masters) the same question a lot of readers of Revelation have asked: “Hey wait a minute, how could Satan possibly think he has a chance when he´s facing Jesus on the battlefield of Armageddon? Does he really think he´s able to win or is he just knowigly luring his followers to the slaughter out of spite?”

    And this is a valid question because Satan is a lot of things but he´s not stupid. He, like us, knows that is it entirely pointless to just fire weapons at the glorified embodied Word of God – no matter if we are talking about bows and arrows, automatic rifles, lasers or anti-matter-bombs. It makes no difference.

    Well, I still have reason to believe that Satan and his angels, his upper hierarchy and inner circle who deceived the whole world through the Antichrist and the False Prophet, honestly think they can pull it off. And yes, since conventional warfare is indeed pointless, Satan´s battleplan will likely be as unconventional as it gets. And I think it makes perfect sense for this final stand to be based on the same mind-boggling legalistic reasoning the Fallen Ones came up with in the beginning – only that this attempt is even more outlandish because they are desperately grasping for the very last possible-ish straw.

    Seven end-times points Luciferians put their faith into
    Disclaimer: As I said before, of course the following is a theory how the Fallen Ones will frame the final battle when talking to Luciferians to convince them of their victory. The points made are in part speculative but they are also in part based on what we can find in our research and in available fragments of information. And yes, the ideas presented here are highly deceptive and intoxicating, that´s their purpose, they are crafted to lull Luciferians into a false sense of security that their masters really have an ace up their sleeves. Of course the jig is up for almost two thousand years now since the ressurection of Jesus Christ who has conquered and defeated death and is holding the keys to hell.

    1. The main reason for the inthronement of the Antichrist is the perceived need for a focal point of willpower when it comes to the attempt of creating a spiritual singularity giving shape to a new cosmos. Jesus as the Word of God is what is holding His creation together so the Word of Satan is meant to constitute his own realm. Of course the Fallen Ones cannot really create something ex nihilo so they basically have to use the existing letters of the Word but want to combine them in a new way to form a new word. This is why they are trying to get a hold on the fundamental building blocks of creation at CERN and elsewhere, to finally crack the fabric of reality and to replicate and willfully re-arrange the source code creation was written in.

    2. From a science perspective, the new tower of Babel is a interdisciplinary project. But first and foremost they need a foundational infrastructure with the necessary raw computing power. Satan may be a workaholic and a formidable multitasker but he´s neither omipresent nor omnipotent. Not even close. He´s great at perception managment though as well as delegating tasks, so people always feel like he himself is breathing down their neck 24/7 when he´s really not. The Fallen Ones won´t admit it but there is simply too much going on for them or else they would have had their Antichrist by the year 2000 or so. Their power structure could really profit and will improve immensely when their human associates finally perfect quantum computing because then complexity pretty much ceases to be an issue.

    3. There is indeed a very complexe catalogue of projects the Fallen Ones want to realize to achieve full spectrum dominance on planet earth. They already have a world wide control grid in the spiritual realm that they need to externalize and materialize as well. Ruling and owning this sphere means total surveillance for sure. It means mastering this spatial domain by performing almost instantanous troop movements (even through portals) as well as dispatching drones everywhere in the air and on the ground or in the sea. But controlling the space arounds us also includes the ability of truly transforming this space, leading to related topics like terraforming, changing the atmosphere and the chemical composition of the ground and the waters perhaps into the state of a bygone earth age , reshaping everything through swarms of intelligent nanobots or smart dust and programmable matter, all interconnected thanks to something like an absolute 5G coverage. An undoubtedly impressive undertaking.

    4. Then there is their attempt to greatly strenghten their forces by literally re-incarnating their deceased warriors. Demons are disembodied spirits of unclean creatures who once had a hybrid physical body. Part-human Nephilim creatures, especially the Raphaim with the rather large human component in their genetic make-up, were still Man enough when it came to the spiritual registration on earth to claim and usurp the human authority.
    As much as Satan hates Man: When an anchor with a human flavor is legally required to establish any kind of kingdom on earth, then he still has to have a half-human prince on top of a half-human populus to put it in a simple way. If he has to work with human building blocks, he might as well try to reassemble them to ressemble his own image as far as possible.
    The nephilim of old were the first step in this direction. Technological progress makes it possible to synthesize or rebuilt their genetic profile and then grow organic tissue and organs to practically 3D-bioprint their new/old bodies. The whole hybrid agenda is in full transhumanist swing again anyway and given enough time, no pure flesh would be left alive.

    5. Satan, who was responsible of the separation of earth and heaven in the first place, wants to reunite both spheres on his own conditions. He wants to break down the pillars of separation on his own terms. Right now we still have a disconnect of his grid in the spiritual and in the physical.
    On the one side, spirits can build architecture, palaces or dungeons in the immaterial realm that are tangible and accesable to other spirits, but these are products of “manual” labor so to speak. Related ritual efforts are also limited by all the preparations and gatherings required and the people involved always get exhausted, loose their focus or concentration. Overall, complexity is a big deal.
    One the other side, even if we have supercomputers with self-aware artificial intelligence here on earth, their quasi-consciousness seated in their core data matrix is simply not a living soul. Apparently in some projects it was tested if computers can actually somehow perform remote viewing tasks and it didn´t work out. A machine just isn´t a spirit and a computer could not curse you like a witch can even if it was programmed to open a word-document and type “I curse you” a million times in a nanosecond.
    If or when Satan manages to bridge this gap between the realms the synergy could be mindblowing: A quantum computer tirelessly performing innumerable operations – but in the spirit realm? Building and modifying spiritual structures with spiritual intention-particles as if it was writing code for programmable matter? Or take the agenda of creating functioning synthetic lifeforms in a lab according to a newly written genetic code on this side and de-materialize this concept, would it mean calling into existence an automatic assembly line for printing artificial spirits on the other side? Spiritbots that for a lack of better words have enough presence in reality to do serious warfare with actual angels, just like a robot made of steel that would fight physical soldiers?
    If we view this synergetic interface as a two-way-street we can imagine how the technological global beast system will not only be possessed hardware but will itself become spiritually active and the digitally generated image of the beast will turn out to not only be a holographic simulation but an actual spirit with genuine supernatural powers.
    I can see how and why the Fallen Ones and their followers are convinced that this development would have a new quality on its own and will take their power to a whole new level never reached before.

    6. It´s no secret anymore that there have been experiments with spacetime in classified projects in a lot of countries for a very long time. With this in mind, when the Antichrist will attempt to change time and laws and seasons (Daniel 7:25), will he really only attempt to change the calender and the holidays or will he try to bend the laws of physics and time itself? Manipulating space is weird enough for our brains but if you research the black projects that dealt with actual time travel or manipulating the flow of time, it gets very very weird very very fast.
    We can understand multiple spatial dimensions but we only understand time as one extra dimension. We only perceive time as an arrow going forward but time has to have multiple dimensions too for spirits to be able to look into the future and for God to observe the end of our timeline from the beginning. We cannot grasp a literal time-square or time-cube with an additional y-axis or z-axis like in a mathematical graph.
    Allegedly there alredy were black projects wherein scientists tried to pull information or ressources out of another time by shifting humans or at least the human mind through time. Allegedly they used children in a lot of experiments because adults would just go insane because a grown and steady mind could not accept what it was witnessing. A lot of children allegedly died in the process too but apparently the scientists eventually got the results they were looking for. And no, Satan can´t change the past in the prime timeline and un-crucify Christ and he knows he has but a short time until His second coming. He´s looking for a loophole though.

    7. Has anyone ever taken the expression “flight from reality” seriously? I mean, literally? I mean, treat it as a valid option? Because that´s what all of this stuff is amounting to.
    Some say CERN managed to draw in ressources not only from other dimensions but from parallel universes for its works. These parallel universes would be versions of our world that don´t really exist in a manifest form but only as a potential, like mathematical solutions to an equation that only exist on paper. If you indeed realize virtual potentials, then you´re in essence doing practical work with something that is not fully real, you put something to practical use that is not really there.
    According to this line of thinking, if you see into the future, you see what is coming, but it´s a virtual future that is not manifest right now, the potential has not been realized yet. There´s a theory that God for example creates and offers two potential outcomes when he is giving someone a choice and is telling someone to choose wisely or else the negative future will be realized. Satan would very much like to avoid ending up in a future where the last pages of Revelation are realized. So he´s trying bring about a forking of the road that leads on a parallel path to a different future outcome. Meaning a virtual potential future diverging from God´s prophecy Satan somehow would have to realize on earth (which is his last sanctuary where he´s in power). Technically God´s timeline would still be in existence but since Satan is hopping onto the other track, it´s just not that relevant anymore. Or to be more precise, the Fallen Ones would need to encapture and shift planet earth itself into a reality–bending bubble and exclude it from the rest of the cosmos to get out of the jurisdiction of Jahwe and the future outcome destined to be according to His will.
    So, to will this imagination into reality they still require the authority of the human species that is collectively logged in as spiritual administrator of earth, although Satan is the acting keymaster since he deceived mankind back in Eden into giving him their password an then took over our account.
    But it is already established that hybrids can claim just enough human authority for this purpose, so there is no need to keep regular mankind around plus if the only men left are part of the body of the Antichrist by means of the beast system, then the great will of this one satanic person will command the little will of men to be of one mind and to have one demand to be realized by their willpower: the earth itself must obey and transition into a counterfeit “New Earth”.
    We know the New Age lie of this planet being a conscious being called Gaia. But if you would wrap this world in a techno-spiritual cage carried by the global network of the beast system, then the spirit of Antichrist will be like the consciousness of the planet itself. This “Mother Earth” under a new set of rules is supposed to serve as an epicenter of the cosmic expansion, giving birth to a new sovereign realm, an independent “New Heaven” for the Fallen Ones.
    Following this premise, they pretty much assume that when Jesus returns with his army and his foot touches the ground of Satan‘s “New Earth”-domain, that he will be out of his jurisdiction and will suddenly faint or be neutralized in whatever way, so that the army of God is without its captain a sitting duck to be blasted from the face of the planet and to retreat forever.

    In conclusion:
    Sounds far-fetched, doesn´t it? Yeah, they call it the Great Delusion for a reason. But this is as good as the “blessed hope” of the Luciferian eschatology gets. The Luciferians have to buy into this framing of the final battle or else being Luciferian would stop making sense to them. This contrived scenario is all what they can try to convince themselves of when they go to bed at night. I want to remind them that they can still get off this train.

    Because the Lord Jesus Christ knows whatever exactly the Fallen Ones are up to and hasn´t He already announced seven thunders in the book of Revelation for example that are still kept secret from us and Satan? Why is that so? I assume that for every one of the “ingenious” seven schemes of Satan mentioned above, there is already a thunderous trap ready and set as a counter-measure, so that when Satan will make his “surprising” final moves (moves Jesus already knows anyway), he will only step on these seven prophetic landmines and his preparations will blow up very much to the additional glory of the Most High God and His superior battleplan.

    In reality (and the only reality that will ultimately matter is God´s preordained reality) the battle of Armageddon is probably the most one-sided battle in history because as it is written, Jesus is landing without the slightest problem and just opens his mouth as the one and only Word of God to slay the entire enemy army before the Antichrist aka “Mister Alternate Universe” is thrown into the lake of fire. Game over.

    Did I mention that Luciferians are still invited to rethink their career choice? Satan can´t change his future but you can still change yours by the grace of God. Mind you, our God is really not impressed by the plan of your current masters:
    “Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying, “Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us.” He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.” (Psalm 2)



    just in case someone thinks the last part of what I wrote was “too far out”, please pay attention to what science-headline was published in the Daily Mail just two days after I wrote my text:
    Mind-boggling experiment suggests multiple realities can exist at the SAME TIME
    Published: 21:32 GMT, 20 March 2019

    A long-pondered thought experiment finally get a laboratory test
    The result prove that two subjects with opposing observations can be right
    Findings challenge the fundamental nature of how science is conducted

    In a new paper, researchers say they’ve proved that two realities can exist at once, at least when it comes to the quantum world. […]

    Well, there you go.
    Following this line of thought the Luciferian propaganda is heralding Satan´s own alternate reality of a future bizarro earth which is supposedly able to co-exist along God´s original reality and His prophetic outcome thanks to seductive quantum sorcery.
    I hope it´s getting clearer why I think this topic should be brought to the attention of the body of Christ immediately. Thanks for your attention.

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