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Reply To: NWO Occult Symbolism in an 83 year old movie

I know this is an old post but I just wanted to comment.. There is an argument going around namely, are film directors wanting to expose the Luciferian system or are they promoting it by saturating our culture with it? I'm still wrestling with the idea, was Kubrick a good guy trying to expose the elite? Then again he was a massive fan of Napoleon and amassed a huge archive of materials on him to make a huge biopic that never happened. We know now that Napoleon was in on all of this, so why would Kubrick admire him? Also Kubrick made people who claim there is fluoride in the water look like a crackpot thanks to the portrayal of Gen Jack D Ripper in Dr.Strangelove. Going back to Metropolis. This film is so important to them.
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