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Grave Sucking

           Grave Sucking.

Matt S. July 7th 2017 Part 2 (False teachings/heresy series)

I really need to be starting each of my articles in this series with this statement or warning. As Christians, we are living in the age of deception, there will be two things occur that bring huge false belief. There will be the man of lawlessness backed by the arch deceiver satan, bringing lying “signs and wonders”, and God will send a strong delusion to those who reject Him, to cement them in their false belief (2 Thessalonians 2). There is also going to be a great falling away (apostasy). We are living in a world ruled by a psychotic fallen angel who is encouraging religious/spiritual tolerance as part of his agenda. In fact the world at large is caught up in this wave of politically correct tolerance, that appears to have seen common sense go right out the window. This psychotic fallen angel (satan) is on his last legs before Jesus takes him out of things for quite a while, and satan knows this, so he is now in the process of throwing everything into chaos and disarray, in order to make his move. Jesus tells us “do not be deceived”. We must be looking for deception, because the thing about deception is, that it’s intent is to be a craftily hidden thing that catches us unaware.

Any way back on topic Matt!

Grave Sucking”, “Grave Soaking”, and “Mantle Grabbing”……………… Have you heard of it?

I remember being vaguely aware of this phenomenon some years ago, but barely paid it any attention because it just seemed so weird, bizarre and crazy. I have run into it again just recently, where is it seems to have to taken on a life of its own (excuse the pun) in some Christian circles (or maybe “graveyards” is more appropriate).

So!!…. What is “Grave Sucking”?

It would appear that there are some apparently sincere (he says with a somewhat bemused and slightly cynical look on his face) Christian folk out there who believe that one can go to the grave of a dead Christian, lie on, touch, hug said grave, and absorb the power, anointing, “mantle” (I’m trying to keep a straight face here) of said dead person. I believe that most of the folk that do this, do it out of absolute ignorance of what they are actually doing, they think that because a senior long time Christian says it is okay, then they just go ahead and do it. So let’s just take a closer look at what is happening here.

So these mostly genuine but mislead folk (in my opinion), lie on graves of people such as CS Lewis to “suck, soak” up the “anointing” take the “mantle” (whatever the mantle is), commune in some way, absorb some of this persons goodness, faith, energy, spirit……….. so that they may take some of that away with them.

Really!!?? Yup, that’s the idea.

I have a few problems with this method of getting some Godly goodness, and I don’t dispute that people like CS Lewis were great men of God. He surely was. He was a gifted writer with great insight from God, and he used his talent brilliantly. But!! CS Lewis is dead. CS Lewis has gone to sleep as Paul so aptly put it in 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17 , and will arise first to meet Jesus in the air.

So what problems do you have with “Grave Sucking”, “Grave Soaking”, and “Mantle Grabbing” Matt?

Firstly! Where in scripture does it suggest that we do this? It does NOT!! Nowhere!! Nowhere at all. There is one small (at a very long stretch) exception to this in 2 Kings 13:21 where a man is being buried and is tossed into a grave where the bones of the prophet Elisha lie, during a raid by marauding Moabites. The man is revived when he touches Elisha’s bones, but there is no further mention of what happens. There is never one shred of scripture that says that we should ever consider doing this. This is one of “those scriptures” that I read that just leaves me scratching my head, and leaving a footnote to ask God about it when I see him in Heaven. That tidbit of scripture on Elisha’s bones was gleaned from an article on grave sucking that I read as part of my research, I was otherwise unaware of it. However this is not permission to go and find the bones of known great men and women of God to extract miracles. Yes I know, bones of the patriarchs seem to come up in the Old Testament and I believe that there are good reasons why these were protected, but that is beyond the scope of this article to go into. (maybe another time, as it is a fascinating discussion)

Secondly! These great men and women of God got to be Godly and effective for God because of their relationship with God. They spent lots of time with God, they listened to Him, they acted on His advice, they read His word, and they acted on His word. They were great men and women of God because they put God first; they were great because of God, not because of their own greatness. Many of them, especially the Old Testament prophets had awful lives in many ways (check it out for yourselves, it makes a great study) But they did mind boggling massive things in God without an ounce of “Grave Sucking”. It was their willingness to be obedient to God.

Thirdly! There is a more sinister aspect that I believe might leave said “grave suckers” open to giving the devil a foothold or legal right to enter their lives Ephesians 4:27. It is my belief that “grave suckers” are attempting in some way to commune with the dead. When you are attempting to absorb something of that dead person, take some of their power, anointing, mantle and you are lying on their grave in order to do that, you are attempting to make a connection with them (how can it be any other way). I believe that the Bible does have something to say about this and I believe it is a slippery slope toward accepting occult and demonic practices that God forbids. Why would you commune with the spirits of dead things/people when you can commune with God, the creator of the universe?

So what does the Bible say about communing with the dead? This is referred to as “necromancy” and the Bible has plenty to say about “necromancy”. Deuteronomy 18:10 – 12 is very clear on this so is Leviticus 19:31.

Deuteronomy 18:10-12 says (highlighted emphasis added)

10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you.

God DOES NOT want us communing with the dead. Why? Because there is room to be deceived, and why would you do this when you can commune with Him. The passage in Deuteronomy describes God laying out the rules before the Israelites go into Canaan. This is very significant. Basically satan was polluting the “Promised Land” before the Israelites got there. God knew this and had a plan to deal with it. BUT!! He warned the Israelites not to engage in certain practices engaged in by the Canaanites, and communing with the dead (or necromancy) was one of them. It is a pagan, demonic, satanic practice that will draw people away from God and give satan legal right to enter the life of the sinner. I watched two things recently that inspired me to write about this topic of “grave sucking” as part of this series. This first segment comes from SkyWatchTV, Derek Gilbert interviewing Tim Alberino and Steve Quayle SkyWatchTV WEB EXCLUSIVE: Steve Quayle & Timothy Alberino – True Legends: Giants (Part 2). By all means listen to the whole thing but if you want the pertinent information, listen carefully from the 2 min mark to 7min 50 seconds. Did you hear what Tim said about the “rite of incubation”? Where the young folk spent a night in the tombs to absorb the spirits of the mighty ones! Did you hear Tim mention that the Sardinian Nuragic Culture was likely descended from the Canaanites?

Are you connecting some dots here folks?

If you are able, I would recommend watching or purchasing the No 3 Gen 6 True Legends Holocaust of Giants DVD, it is very much worth watching. Tim goes into more detail in this documentary, and you can actually see the tombs that he describes.

I am of the belief that “grave sucking” has the potential to put the “grave sucker” in much more danger spiritually that those advocating it know, or would tell you. If you the reader have ever done this (and please believe me when I say I am not condemning you, I have done plenty of equally really dumb things). Please take it to God if you have not done so already, and ask Jesus to forgive you, and heal, or deliver you of anything that may have come from this. Why? Because it is likely that there has been some kind of demonic interaction here and I believe that is a least one of the reasons God says “Don’t do it”!! Nothing good ever comes from tangling with demons.

I am scratching my head (again) after researching this topic in disbelief, that Christians would even consider doing “grave sucking”. If you know of anyone that does it, please warn them, send them this article. We are living in the age of deception and satan will use any means to drag people away from God.

I have included a couple of links for a Google search on grave sucking, as research for those that want to read some more on this area. There is a huge amount of information on it and I would encourage you to read up on it. I see “grave sucking” as one of those trendy enlightened, “New Agey” Christian things that pull people in because “a man or woman” said it was okay to do so. If people were reading their Bibles more often they would be familiar with what God has to say about these things, and it is clear to me that they are not, so please keep reading your Bible folks to know how to spot the falsehoods.

I will have another installment for you in about a weeks’ time and as always thank you for reading this article. Have a good week folks and stay alert, God bless you.

Here is my gmail address, if anyone has a question or a comment they can send it to me. I am not on Face Book; I struggle to keep up with emails at times as I work full time. If you do send me an email I will do my best to respond to you however it may not be quick response. My gmail address is as follows;

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